Their Words

A Men's Retreat

Meet four of the men who attended the Colorado Springs retreat in November of 2023. The ages of the attendees (not all on the recorded call) were 21-71. What an incredible group of humans and what an honor to serve them!

Meet Patty...

Patty is a nurse who has stepped into a role of kidney donor advocate. Prior to attending the Flow Life Retreat she had two experiences with LSD and one with MDMA. Two years after these journeys she felt a call to know herself and the human condition further. After looking into many retreats, she landed on the Flow Life Retreat. Her experience with the medicine is profound!

Kim @ the end of her journey

Here is Kim's end of journey video she made for herself ... and now she is open to sharing it with you. She has since volunteered at several retreats and came back to our Alumni retreat.

Three Woman, 1 Retreat

Three women who attended the Flow Life Retreat in June of 2022, share their testimony around their experience. These retreats are hosted by Eva Payne. The mission is to assist women to find peace within themselves, hope in the future, and begin to create a life that can be lived in flow.

Meet Ramsey...

Ramsey attended my first all men's retreat in Jan of 2023. He is certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. He found himself stuck in a ruminating pattern of sadness and victimhood after a challenging year with his personal relationships and loss. The retreat assisted him in rewriting the story he was telling himself about his past.

Meet Kelly...

Kelly attended with his husband in the summer of 2023. He shares his experience with  you here.

Meet Belinda...

Belinda is 68, full of life, and attended my 13th Flow Life Retreat in December of 2022. In this podcast she shares her reason for attending, her experience at the retreat, and how the journey with the "magic mushrooms" helped her understand death. She shares why she believes retreats, like this one, are highly beneficial.

Meet Andrew...

Andrew attended the Flow Life Retreat in April of 2023 in Oregon. The retreats hosts group calls (in this case it was with five other men), and this call is three weeks post attending. Andrew shares how the Flow Life Retreat and its various healing modalities, including psilocybin has assisted him in his day-to-day life.

Meet Alice...

Alice attended the Flow Life Retreat looking for mental health support after a double mastectomy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after years of struggling to find her own voice and people pleasing. She began mico-dosing prior to attending the women's retreat in March of 2023 and saw improvements in her mental health. She decided to do a breakthrough dose of earth's medicine at the Flow Life Retreat. The entire experience at the retreat left her with more hope and connection to self. She shares her journey on this podcast episode of Ideas to Human Better.

Mike and Sharon

Mike first attended the Flow Life Retreat in hopes it would help his suicidal ideation and constant rumination. It changed his life. Four months later, his wife Sharon attended and together they are stronger, more positive about their future and have healed family wounds.

Meet Shelley...

I interviewed Shelley, a Registered Nurse who was seeking to get out of the rut she had found her life in. She attended the Flow Life Retreat and it changed not only the direction of her life, but her perspective on life as well. I am grateful for her honesty and vulnerability. I hope her testimony serves you in some way.

Meet Payton...

Payton attended the retreat in the fall of 2022. She was 22 and was seeking deeper wisdom and understanding of herself. Thank you P, for the opportunity to serve you!

Meet Kelsey...

Kelsey came to the Flow Life Retreat in June of 2023. She had recently shifted careers and was looking to also shift being a "home body" post COVID. She was invited to attend with a friend and decided to step way outside of her comfort zone into a new experience with the retreat. The experience allowed her the space she needed to go back home and make shifts in her social life.

Meet Sammie...

Sammie, a 47-year-old Information Specialist in higher education, has struggled with life-long treatment resistant depression and social anxiety most of her adult life.  Today, she shares her testimony of a heroic dose of psilocybin at the Flow Life Retreat and how the experience changed her life. In this episode, she offers an authentic look at her life prior to attending the Flow Life Retreat, what her journey was like at the retreat and on the mushrooms, and her perspective today. The experience positively altered her life, and what could be next after this existence.

Written Testimonials

WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE I FEEL FOR YOU AND YOUR EXISTENCE. Your retreat was AMAZING! Thank you for the way you hold space and care for humanity and it's healing. I felt so nurtured, seen, and safe in a new, yet exciting, territory. You offered space for connection and reflection beautifully, which was helpful in experiencing the journey in a positive way! You invited vulnerability in a safe and effective way, which I am eternally grateful for. Following the retreat I feel lighter, renewed and more self-aware due to the powerful healing experience and wisdom gained. Nourishing food/laughter/conversation/connection/and safety made this an experience I would love to do again! Thank you for your guidance and your heart, I treasure the opportunity to share space with you wholeheartedly.


Valerie T. Mom, Therapist, Palm Springs, CA

"I don’t even know where to begin to share my experience, my appreciation and how thankful I am to have met these amazing women, their team and to have been part of the Flow Life Retreat. It all began from encouraging a dear friend of mine to explore the benefits of mushrooms as I have used them in the past as well as micro dosed. I believe wholeheartedly in the magic they hold. He ended up coming across the Flow Life Retreat and obligated himself to attend a men's retreat. Upon his return he had nothing but amazing things to share about his experience and this is where Flow Life became part of my journey.

At the same time I was continuing a perpetual cycle in my life that kept me stuck in a bad place. I have struggled for YEARS with some intense guilt and grief surrounding the death of my son to cancer in 2008, the loss of my marriage, and in that current moment I had just ended a relationship with a man that was an emotional abuser that turned physical. I was NOT in a good place. The realization that l had lost myself became very prevalent. I was struggling with my purpose and my worth which led to extremely poor choices in men, and I attracted the very thing I was trying to run from in my own world. It was my turn to let go and change my story.

I went on the Flow Life website and saw there was a women’s retreat on 02/22/24. 222 is a very powerful number in my vortex as it is my late son's birthday, a triplicate number and a number I have worn on my body in permanent ink for years. Without hesitation I booked it completely unaware it was in Colorado. Rather than letting fear dictate my choices, I embraced it and decided to take this opportunity to take a solo trip to enjoy some much needed time with ME. I gave myself a couple days prior to the retreat and a couple days after to offer myself some grace and most of all set my intentions of why I was there and to know I was leaving a different person. I had no idea what those intentions would lead to and I could have never imagined I would be leaving Colorado with the experience I had or the women I finally let myself be~! As I said when I started this testimonial I had NO idea how powerful this journey would become. I entered the doors to the retreat on 02/22/24 as one woman and left on 02/25/24 as another. There are no words to describe what I experienced less than life hanging and epic. My intentions of what I wanted entering that house were VERY clear and I was incredibly committed to the process. These women who so strongly believe in the power of the medicine they are sharing are AMAZING and I felt so unbelievably supported and safe, alongside the other women that were there for their own reasons, I was in a place where the process to embrace the journey was secure, beautiful and purposeful. I gave myself permission with intent to finally be taken to a place to let go and release unfiltered emotion, fear, pain, worthlessness and guilt which led me to realize how to love again and to find my HAPPY. I have changed my story and it feels PHENOMENAL. Eva, Dream, Hummingbird, Jessica and the rest of the staff are absolutely GORGEOUS souls with their unwavering support alongside me has allowed me to walk a new path and my life has been FOREVER changed. I have found my HAPPY and it feels AMAZING~!!!!

I hope you make the choice to commit to this journey because the possibilities of what you can gain from it are endless. I can only hope that even if you experience a small fraction of what I have that your journey through this portal we call life will be forever transformed. Thank you will never be powerful enough words to say to all of you at Flow Life."

Much love and appreciation, Beth R

Embracing Healing and Connection: My Journey with Psilocybin Retreats

As I reflect on my journey of healing and self-discovery, one particular chapter stands out vividly: my experience with the Flow Life Retreat. It was a profound and transformative journey that not only brought me healing but also forged deep connections with others on a similar path.

Like many, I had struggled with various challenges in life – from navigating past traumas to seeking clarity and purpose. Traditional approaches to healing had offered some relief, but I yearned for something more profound, something that would touch the depths of my soul and catalyze lasting change.

Enter psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in certain mushrooms, and the transformative power of group retreats. I embarked on this journey with a mixture of curiosity, hope, and a dash of apprehension. Little did I know that it would become a pivotal moment in my life.

The retreat setting offered a sanctuary of support and understanding, where I found myself among kindred spirits, all seeking solace and healing. Together, we shared stories, tears, and laughter, forming bonds that transcended words. It was a community of souls coming together, each with their unique journey, yet united in our quest for healing and growth.

The structured support and activities provided during the retreat were instrumental in preparing us for the psilocybin journey. From meditations to breathwork and yoga, each practice served as a stepping stone, guiding us deeper into our inner realms. Experienced facilitators offered gentle guidance and reassurance, creating a safe container for exploration and transformation.

But it was during the psilocybin journey itself that the true magic unfolded. As the veil between the seen and unseen worlds dissolved, I found myself immersed in a tapestry of colors, emotions, and insights. I journeyed through the depths of my subconscious, confronting long-buried wounds and fears with courage and compassion.

What struck me most profoundly was the sense of interconnectedness that pervaded the experience. In that sacred space, I felt a profound unity with all of existence – a reminder that we are not separate, but deeply interconnected beings, woven together in the fabric of life.

As the journey came to a close, I emerged with a newfound sense of clarity, purpose, and inner peace. But perhaps even more importantly, I emerged with a newfound sense of connection – to myself, to others, and to the web of life that binds us all together.

Since that transformative experience, I have continued to integrate its lessons into my daily life, finding joy, meaning, and fulfillment in each moment. And while the journey continues, I am eternally grateful for the gift of healing and connection that psilocybin retreats have bestowed upon me.

In sharing my journey, I hope to inspire others to embark on their own paths of healing and self-discovery. May we all find the courage to embrace the depths of our being, to forge deep connections with one another, and to journey together towards a brighter, more compassionate world.

With love and gratitude.

"I want to share with anyone considering attending The Flow Life Retreat to expect the unexpected.

 For me, I didn't expect for my heart to open so much ... Not just during the medicine ceremony, but also during the other modalities, especially the breathwork session and the sound bath. I never expected to feel so safe, to be so vulnerable, to share deep fears and desires and be accepted just as I am. I was able to embrace myself inside a healing circle of women where we were held and also held each other. A human bonding like no other. A true heart opening experience.  My deepest gratitude to you and the medicine for allowing me access to the deepest and truest me. Much love to you and your team." - Stephanie L.

May 22, 2023

"I am seeing through new eyes today and feeling with a new heart. The Flow Retreat is the best gift I have ever given to myself. I rediscovered and became acquainted with aspects of my essence that I didn’t know existed or had long since forgotten. I can do hard things. I can push through old beliefs, judgements and hurts and step into a place where breath and Light become wings of transformation. I made the conscious choice to commit all the way and the rewards are beyond my imagination. On the heels of one of the most challenging chapters of my life, I am renewed and ready to leave behind lifelong stories of victimhood and embrace the love of myself and others. I am learning to fly, and I am preparing to soar. I found me in a new tribe of souls walking the same path as I with courage, dignity, and grace. We are all glitter and gold, laughter, and tears, nourished by our vulnerability and our willingness to show up uncensored, raw, and real. I know what authentic beauty looks and feels like. It is in the acceptance of everything and everyone that joy and peace reside, and it creates a palette of choices and possibilities with colors I was unable to see before. The backdrop is brilliant, bold, subtle, and nuanced. Holding onto pain creates limited vision and stifled experience. Stepping into a safe place where the heart, mind and body can open is essential to begin the journey out of darkness. I have searched for a way out of my inner prison for as long as I can remember. I consumed drugs and alcohol, co-dependent relationships, food, and negativity to ease my pain and suffering only to find it created more layers of distance from my soul’s essence. I broke through many of those layers this past weekend and found the courage to continue the journey towards freedom. I am strong, capable, loving and fun. I like me. I am worthy and valuable. I have gifts to share with others. I don’t have to be perfect to have an impact! Love is quietly, gently, patiently waiting for all of us. Its whispers are worth listening to." - Carolan, Colorado, 66-years-old

"The words "thank you" will never be enough to express my gratitude for you and your beautiful retreat. The way you have brought your vision of love and healing into reality is something I feel everyone needs in their life.

I have never been afraid to be alone. Often being in leadership roles can result in solitude...a place where I am quite comfortable and generally feel safe. However, to let people in, to surrender to the unknown, to let people love me for me...well, that is incredibly uncomfortable and foreign. I chose into this because I knew my life was missing something and I wasn't sure what I was "messing up". Why did I not feel fulfilled?

Every aspect of this retreat was so very intentional. It was more than just the medicine. Each and every healing modality helped me to feel more alive. I started to hear myself again, to hear my own voice and intuition. You created this space where I could let go, I could trust, I could exhale. I didn't even know I wasn't breathing...

Thank you for helping me to breathe again." - Jess, Colorado

"The retreat was more healing than I could have imagined.  A month later, I still feel the benefits and my outlook has changed tremendously. To give a little back story on my situation; I am a 39-year-old female who has had some major struggles in life, particularly in my late teens and twenties. I didn’t realize it until these past few years but I have had PTSD from a prolonged physically abusive relationship in my early twenties. I hid it from everyone, partially because we were both hooked on opiates and eventually other drugs. Safe to say I was a hot mess in those years, and I am truly lucky to be alive. I ultimately became clean in my late 20s but still abused myself in other ways, particularly in romantic relationships. I finally started to make better choices in my 30s but still carried around the grief and shame of my youth like a bag of rocks. I have tried therapy, anti-depressants/meds, acupuncture, I could go on, but you get the idea! I didn’t realize how much my past trauma was affecting my current life, especially my sensory issues and possibly even my chronic pain.


I took a chance with the retreat, after much research on the subject. From the beginning, Eva was warm, kind, and helpful. She organized the retreat quite well, from the moment I hopped on my first phone call with her. She really makes you feel seen and heard while sharing such valuable wisdom. At the retreat, I felt the same love and care from Dream, her co-facilitator. The entire experience was therapeutic from start to finish and I felt part of a close community. The other guests were a large part of my healing process, and the location in Colorado was stunning. The cold plunge therapy, breathwork, and sound healing were so powerful, and I will continue to incorporate them into my life when possible. The sound bath was done by Hummingbird, and it was so magical. The actual medicine journey was a struggle at first, but I fully expected it to be and that is part of “doing the work” in my case. It felt as if years of repressed emotions were released from my body and that was my intention. I was even visited by loved ones that have passed and that was such a wonderful and supportive feeling. Dream and Eva were so loving and helpful during the roughest moments and intuitively knew what each of us needed. There are so many nuggets of gold from the medicine journey that I could go on for pages but overall, it left me with feelings of peace, connectedness, and contentment. I do not feel the same recurrent upsetting memories flooding my brain as I did before.  I feel as though I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of my life and story. I do still have rough moments, but they do not seem as heavy and I’m also able to regulate my emotions and nervous system much easier. Healing is an ongoing process and I feel much happier to be alive than I did before. I now feel more open to the possibility of a more serious romantic relationship which hasn’t been the case in years. I also feel a renewed sense of inspiration to create more art, and connect with like-minded individuals, and I have faith in my future. Essentially, I feel more like my true self! Thank you, Eva, I am so lucky to have had this opportunity." - Erin, Art Teacher

"In early 2023 I found myself in a dark place. I had done everything I could to snap out of it… therapy, journaling, meditation, and prescription medication. Though all of it did help a little, I couldn't shake the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I headed to the all-men's Flow Life retreat in January 2023 hoping for a miracle and that's exactly what I found. Between the kindness and compassion that Eva and Dream showed me, and the healing power of plant medicine, I found my joy and was able to reframe things in my mind in a completely different way! I truly felt like a new human being. I am beyond grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants a new perspective in a healthy, caring environment." - Ramsey B., AZ 

"If it is the right time for you to attend this retreat, you will know.  The trajectory of my life has been changed for the better by saying "YES" to this adventure.  I was supported, prepared, well-informed, and encouraged through each and every step of this journey--by Eva, and by the people she brought in over the course of the weekend to teach, educate, assist, trip-sit, prepare meals, and hold space for deep conversations and life expanding epiphanies.  The psilocybin journey was beyond anything I imagined, and was one of the most beautiful life, love, and universe affirming experiences I have ever had. Ever. Wherever you are finding yourself at this moment, there will be something for you to discover about yourself, your lived experiences, and your place in the universe through this mind-expanding, heart opening journey. Remember: you will know. "

"Going to Colorado and having the opportunity to take plant medicine was a profound experience for me as an individual and for us as a couple.  It has been a rough 18 + months but this gave us the chance to see each other in a new light.  I could not have imagined better guides in this journey. Eva and her team are beautiful humans sharing their knowledge and growing the love around us. Also, the amazing, vulnerable humans who joined on this journey feel like family who worked on healing and trusting the process.  My journey was bumpy, beautiful, funny and joyous.  I am eternally grateful for all these beautiful humans. I look forward to doing this again.

Doing this, you will find the good inside yourself.  That was the best part.

Shawn wanted me to add that "Lifelong, lasting friendships were made."

- Rita and Shawn, Married Couple

"I am very thankful that I chose to join the Flow Life Retreat with Eva in January. From the moment I drove up to the house and was greeted so warmly by Eva, waiting in the cold fog to welcome me, I knew I was where I needed to be.  It was perfect timing for me, as big changes were taking place in my professional life. The beautiful retreat setting, the information and experiences that were offered, and, most importantly, the warmth and feeling of home that Eva created provided the perfect space to pause and reflect on where I've been, where I want to go, and how best to get myself there. This has allowed me to enter my new professional spaces with increased awareness, self-understanding and self-kindness. 

I sincerely believe that if I had not carved out that time and experience for myself, I would very likely be automatically falling back into unhelpful patterns, the very ones I made big professional changes to shift! I'm a whole life coach specializing in transformational change, and the retreat experience with Eva provided the opportunity for profound change, the kind that continues. I want to add that the experience enhanced personal healing I have been working on as well. The experience offers what you want to make of it.

Being in a space with other women who were also focusing on their growth and healing was very powerful. It was amazing to be part of a group of "strangers" holding space for and supporting each other's highest purpose.  I highly recommend the Flow Life Retreat to anyone wanting to support themselves with healing, growth, or change of any kind. I know I am grateful to Eva for offering it, and to myself for giving myself such a gift."

"My name is Lynda, I am 58 years old and have two grown daughters. Like everyone in his life I have experienced many different types of trauma. Familial indifference, multiple sclerosis, narcissistic relationships, losing loved ones, and sexual abuse to name a few.

I felt stuck and unable to move forward in a positive direction. I researched all different ways of “fixing” myself, and neither SSRI’s nor traditional therapy were helping me make progress. I discovered Eva and Flow Life and immediately felt that this might be what I needed.

Those few days with amazing women have changed my life. I feel lighter, I have forgiven those who have wronged me, and I am looking forward to my future with hope instead of fear.

If you are like me, stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. Be brave. I never thought I could be so courageous, and with Eva and the help from the group, I feel a renewed sense of optimism. I can do anything, and so can you. Step into your flow, and take the leap. You will be so grateful that you did.

Healing and transformation involves a commitment to the process. All of the humans involved in Flow Life retreats understand this and create space that allow you to steer your own experience. Each piece of the retreat is planned with intention and thoughtfulness. Creating a safe community in short order allowed me to concentrate on my goals for the experience from a place of supported peace. 

As plant assisted therapy becomes  accepted, research continues, and the psychedelic renaissance occurs there is a real danger in thinking that a long weekend is going to fix all of our problems. Eva and her team have put in place preparation and post experience integration as key elements for each retreat participant and I believe that this is the key to lasting change in ourselves, our relationships and our world. 

Heather 48, LMT, Ohio 

"The universe truly does provide exactly what you need (not what you think you need) in the most divine timing and presentation.  To say that this retreat opened me up to life's possibilities again is an understatement.  I had gotten to a place in my life where I felt stuck- like I had backed myself into a corner of mundane misery, dreading my days at work and dreading the future that continuing down this broken record of life I had created held.  While I knew I had to do something radically different for myself to spawn the seed of change, I really didn't know what I was going to experience.  What I did know is I needed a catalyst for change if I wanted to save myself, and this retreat was going to be the first step of many on my path to a more enriched life.

In the weeks leading up to the retreat, I had several opportunities to prepare myself through educational resources on the website and through Eva sharing her knowledge, and also had the opportunity to learn about and connect with Eva and the other women that would be a part of this journey.  I felt more comfortable knowing how to prepare, what to pack and with whom I would be interacting.  We were asked several thought provoking questions to help us set intentions for our journey, and had the opportunity to really share some things with the other women that were hard to say out loud, but they were things we could all relate to.

What happened on the retreat was intensely but beautifully unexpected.  Not only did I have the support of a wonderful group of people who were so relatable, but a really safe space was created for me to experience exactly what I needed to (not what I thought I needed to).  From the meals made with love and art therapy by Blis to the awesome conversations and laughter with Paige and Eva's encouragement and excitement for life making everything sparkle, my soul was cracked open in a way I didn't expect but needed so badly.  The speakers assisted us in techniques to approach life in a different and more conscious way, and we were given wonderful affirmations, encouragement, and tools to let go of the detritus of life that we carry with us to move through life in a way that serves our authentic self.  

The Flow Life Retreat was truly a lesson in trusting the process and staying open to new experiences that could help me find my way back to me and what I'm here in this world for.  I was a bit hesitant at first (my past programming was getting in my way), but once I leaned in to the experience there was some real magic that was made at this retreat.  The house felt like a floating ship through the fog that took me on a journey of letting go of things that don't serve me so I can move through life with renewed hope, acceptance of myself and without the suffocating heaviness that I had been holding on to. 

I hope this will speak to just the right people who need the retreat as much as I did.  If anyone wants to speak with me directly about it, I'm happy to share!"

"I attended Eva’s Flow Life Retreat in August 2022. I was referred by my therapist who had seen a remarkable change in one of her other patients who also attended Eva’s retreat. My therapist witnessed a tremendous shift in this other patient’s ability to see and care for their trauma. Trusting her judgement and looking for new and different ways to approach managing my PTSD, I decided to attend the retreat, but not before researching psilocybin, its therapeutic benefits, and Eva’s approach to using them.


It is totally understandable for any person considering using a psychedelic for the first time to feel an uneasiness or scare about what may happen to them under the influence of the drug. For one with a history of trauma, it may feel even more unsafe or dangerous. While your “adult mind” may feel a confidence or felt-knowing of safety, curiosity, and desire to improve your situation, your more frightened parts may very understandably feel that the prospect of undergoing this journey is too risky, too much, or “just not worth it” – any justification to avoid the danger of the unknown or of feeling out of control.


Whatever benefits you may get out of using mushrooms, and of which there are many well researched reports to be found, I want to speak to how one may approach a journey such as this. In a place where there may already be some trepidation – using mind altering drugs! – the re-lived fears spoken by traumatized parts may make approaching using psychedelics, like psilocybin, a “bridge too far”. Having experienced this retreat for myself, I can tell you there are few people in this world as loving and caring in what they do. Eva and those she has gathered to work with her have the caring nature and experience necessary to provide a safe, loving environment for those looking to take this journey.


In one of the darkest moments of my own trip, I recall having this comforting thought: “I am in a safe place. Eva and her team have created a safe container here and I am safe.”


If you want to explore yourself and you are interested in how psilocybin may help, the Flow Life retreat is a fantastic way to do this. You will be guided and protected and come out the other side with an experience unlike any other. Going in and coming out, Eva and her team will support and assist, but ultimately it will be up to you to decide how you use this opportunity and the information you glean from your journey. I can attest that you will experience a loving, safe, and welcoming environment, from which you may then be able to learn and grow.

- Sean T, San Diego, CA

"This was a journey in many ways, one that I went through with a great friend of mine. We were proud of ourselves and each other by the end of it all.  It sure is a process of exploration of oneself before the actual mushroom, the mushroom experience itself, and the integration process, which has been ongoing for me.  All the activities of the retreat were so wonderful to go through.  Eva and all the gals who were our guides were truly remarkable. I can’t say enough about them; I love them all and will always remember each and every one.  I knew from the first moment I met them there was a good energy and vibe that was going on!!

I enjoyed the guest speakers via zoom. I found their contributions to be very helpful. There is so much to learn about this experience and the resources are there. It was obvious so much work , insight, caring and energy went into creating this retreat.  

Blessings and gratitude to all who were involved."

Mary H.

"How do you put down in words moments that so forcibly change your life and alter your journey in ways that you know deep in your heart are there and you just need a bit of help to uncover. To reveal your truth, your soul and your heart. To heal your darkest wounds and fill your soul with the most joyful of joys. How do you tell the world your darkest fears and your deepest scars. The wounds that no one sees except you. The pain that scares you to your core. How do you face that and come out on the other side? You do it with the help and support of people who love and care about you even if they are total strangers. You do that with the deep trust in yourself and what you absolutely know to be true and you share that. You show your truth to the world and you get met with love, grace, and acceptance. You get met with understanding and the most caring eyes to see you, the warmest arms to hold you and the gentlest words telling you that you are loved, and YOU ARE AMAZING. 

In your darkest moments you get told that you are amazing, you get fed food that nourishes the depths of your soul. This is what you do and these are the words that you use to share that experience with the world so that others can have the opportunity to share in the experiences that you have. To truly know what it is to live, to love, to be loved and to be present with yourself and those around you. To love yourself on a deep, deep level. So that even if you falter for a moment you know that strong base is there. That your heart and your body is your home and it will always be there for you. You try to say thank you, but you just know that it won’t be enough. So you give thanks by living your life with gratitude for everything around you and for everyday that you live and every moment that you breathe connected to the world and the people in it. You stay present in and with every person and every moment. And most importantly you stay present and true to your heart and your soul. Your truth and you know that it is loved. No questions. No judgements. No fears. And you share – you share your story and your truth with the world. 

There is pain but the pain is what allows you to feel the joy. The love. The sheer uncontrollable laughter that takes over your whole body and you smile so big you didn’t even know it was possible to be that happy. To express everything you are. To take up so much space. You all deserve to take up so much space in the world. All the space you want and all the space you need. I deserve it all too – which is why I share my story with you. I want you to know you deserve it, that you matter. But more importantly I want myself to know that I matter. That I am loved. That I am enough. 

These are the words you use and these are the things you want to tell people when you go on a retreat with Eva. When you give in to the deep trust in yourself and your soul and you know that she will treat it with care. More care than you’ve given it yourself. Eva and her team will take care of you in the ways that you didn’t know you deserved. They teach you how to take care of yourself in that way. I know I deserve it now. Care that comes with so much love, and so much gratitude. You come out on the other side of the journey a completely different person and exactly the same person all at the same time. I am more me, a phrase that makes me cry and smile every time I say it. It’s the thing I have been searching for. How to be more me. This is it. This is how. You go, you do, you experience, you trust, you love, you are open, and You connect. I connect. Thank you. I love you. 


With deepest gratitude and still drinking in my openness ~ Liz, Seattle, WA

"My experience with this journey! ...

My motivation for coming to this retreat was the thought, the hope that I could get a shift or find a different way to heal myself/look at myself. Not 100% sure what that would look like but I was desperate. I have spent the last decade in therapy and unable to find that shift, to find that true essence of myself. My identity of who I was.

My identity was surrounded by trauma, major depression, panic, anxiety and such a loss of connection to myself and others.

My experience of saying yes to me, and yes to the Flow Life retreat has been life changing. My journey with the medicine was not an easy one. I truly believe that the fungi knew exactly what I needed. My worst fear was put right in front of me and my journey was to understand that I could find my way and that I could let others help me find my way. Thank you universe for putting Eva into my life. Through the beautiful four days that I spent at the retreat has changed my life forever. The connection I feel with myself, to the women that Eva brings in and to Eva herself has to be one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received. The passion, care, love and pure joy of life from Eva and all the women who were there to help was profound. 

For the first time in a very very long time I can separate myself from my past. That dark cloud that has hovered over me for decades has lifted.  The incredible thing is that more and more of me just keeps on revealing itself. More and more new paths are opening.  - CC, 50 Something from California

"I am immensely grateful to Eva for facilitating this workshop. I was very hesitant at first and reluctant in making my decision. My journey was profoundly transformational. The good news about such an experience is that I no longer feel stuck. The other news is that now I’m doing the hard work and heavy lifting to manifest my new life path. 

I see my journey as sacred and once I got the clarity and answer to my question, I am honoring and respecting my inner truth through action. 

It’s scary and difficult to make big life changes. There is upheaval and recoding of my old conditioning of staying small, playing it safe and not risking feeling unsettled. It was as if my inner compass was set to ‘comfort and settled mode’ and all my thoughts and actions were in alignment with that outcome. Yet, I have had this lingering stirring in my soul for the last decade, wondering if this is all there is. A question which started my spiritual journey and seeking more in my life. 

I’m choosing to prioritize my soul path over my egos path. I’m struck by the internal shifts that have happened since my psilocybin journey. My mind, body and spirit feel like they have updated to new operating codes. 

I’m feeling safe and good about making big life changes. The discomfort of staying in status quo is greater than staying and I can no longer dismiss myself. I’m struck by the clarity, shifting desire and needs I am now aware of since my journey. 

My quest for more inner harmony and alignment centered around my own empowerment, sense of agency and autonomy. I believe I can forge a new path for myself. My use of sacred plant medicine, psilocybin, helped me get unstuck and form new pathways in my thinking. 

Before deciding to go on this retreat, Eva shared a powerful analogy with me. She told me to picture an ice skating rink and how our repetitive thoughts create ruts in the ice. Psilocybin is like the Zamboni that clears the ice and restores it to a clean slate. After my journey, this analogy really resonated and felt true for my experience of having new perspectives.

I highly recommend Eva‘s workshop. I got everything I was seeking. She facilitated everything she said she would. The in between is the magic. The cosmos aligns when we are ready. I believe we have helpers and that the universe doesn’t want us any of us to suffer. My preparation was to stay open and curious, practice not attachment to any outcome and I asked the sacred plant medicine for guidance. I asked myself my inner truth.

I love the preparation, journey and integration model Eva uses in her workshops. It is best practice, based on what I have learned. I was searching for a way to have a guided psilocybin journey and connected with Eva thru Instagram. 

Eva knows her wheelhouse and is not ego driven. She knows when to step back and allow others to take the lead. Her skill sets and past work experience running specialized summer camp programming is well suited for this crossover work. She feels safe and healthy. I feel Eva’s genuine care for me. Our connection feels easy and effortless. 

I wish you all the best in making your decision to embark on this journey. There are many ways to get where you want to be going and psilocybin feels like a clearer way to tap into your inner knowing." 

-Monica, 49, Mother & Teacher

"The Flow Life Retreat was amazing! Lots of great info and presenters. The cold water therapy was the bomb!! Many physical & emotional releases and ah-ha moments during the mushroom journey. And just a knowing during the journey that everything was going to be ok. A knowing that I was on the right path. That things were finally going to start flowing for me too. Eva is incredible at making people feel safe and supported during the entire process - from the beginning when you are deciding if this is the right next step for you all the way through integrating the whole experience back into your daily life. She is genuine, loving, and has a true gift of helping others progress along on their journeys!"

-Jeanette, a Mother from Iowa 

I am so grateful to serve using what makes me, me. Putting these retreats together is my jam!