Women's Retreat

Meet Alice...

Alice attended the Flow Life Retreat looking for mental health support after a double mastectomy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after years of struggling to find her own voice and people pleasing. She began mico-dosing prior to attending the women's retreat in March of 2023 and saw improvements in her mental health. She decided to do a breakthrough dose of earth's medicine at the Flow Life Retreat. The entire experience at the retreat left her with more hope and connection to self. She shares her journey on this podcast episode of Ideas to Human Better.

WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE I FEEL FOR YOU AND YOUR EXISTENCE. Your retreat was AMAZING! Thank you for the way you hold space and care for humanity and it's healing. I felt so nurtured, seen, and safe in a new, yet exciting, territory. You offered space for connection and reflection beautifully, which was helpful in experiencing the journey in a positive way! You invited vulnerability in a safe and effective way, which I am eternally grateful for. Following the retreat I feel lighter, renewed and more self-aware due to the powerful healing experience and wisdom gained. Nourishing food/laughter/conversation/connection/and safety made this an experience I would love to do again! Thank you for your guidance and your heart, I treasure the opportunity to share space with you wholeheartedly.


Valerie T. Mom, Therapist, Palm Springs, CA

Join Us ...

We began offering women's retreats in Jan of 2022. 

There is an expanded healing that happens in small groups of women. We can let down our walls, put on comfy clothes with our hair in a pony-tail, drink warm tea and connect in an authentic way while at the Flow Life Retreat. Within moments of arriving you will feel the love and service of the Flow Life team.

When is the last time you gave yourself a real gift? This experience is the life transforming offering you can give yourself, that ultimately offers new tools for you show up better in your own life for yourself and others.

These retreats are small groups with four to seven woman at each experience. There are single and shared rooms. 

These retreats create positive transformation on the physical and emotional body. Woman who attend find it easier to embody the change their hearts deeply desire. They are finally able to embody love, relief, clarity and hope. They leave able to intentionally choose what it is they want to create more of in their lives. 

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Meet Kelsey

Kelsey came to the Flow Life Retreat in June of 2023. She had recently shifted careers and was looking to also shift being a "home body" post COVID. She was invited to attend with a friend and decided to step way outside of her comfort zone into a new experience with the retreat. The experience allowed her the space she needed to go back home and make shifts in her social life.