Couples Experience

Come Together


The couples experience is specifically for deepening connection with your partner.

At the Flow Life Coed Retreats, where couples can journey together, you will be supported by many individuals who bring their gifts to you. This unique retreat experience is designed to offer couples a chance to stack healing modalities, some done together, and some done alone. 

The goal of the experience is to create a safe space to explore, expand and enhance your bond. When a couple takes mid-level doses of psilocybin, we hypothesize they connect on a soul level, creating room for immense empathy and understanding. There is almost a sense of telepathy. Couples can open up more freely, discover a new level of love for themselves and within their partnership. The programming at the retreats focus on building a future of wholehearted togetherness. Activities include couples yoga, art, hikes, cold plunge, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, meaningful discussion and maybe a little dancing :) 

The December experience is hosted at a large, open hilltop at home with views of the three sisters and nature 360 degrees.

If you and your partner are interested in the couples retreat, reach out! Book a Discovery Call or Join the Interest List Today.

$4000  (couple rate sharing a bed)

Payments can also be made in installments through AFFIRM upon checkout.