We offer several options including: Women's Retreats, Men's Retreats, Couples/Coed Retreats, One Day Retreats, Private Retreats, and 1:1 Sessions. We also offer a half day experience that does not include any medicine.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions through a discovery call.

Women's Retreats

We began offering women's retreats in Jan of 2022. These retreats are small groups with four to seven woman at each experience. There are single and shared rooms. These retreats create positive transformation on the physical and emotional body. Woman who attend find it easier to embody the change their hearts deeply desire. They are finally able to embody love, relief, clarity and hope. They leave able to intentionally choose what it is they want to create more of in their lives. For more information click here.

Not ready to be with a group? You can get 1:1 support or bring us in to host your retreat with your group of family or freinds.

Couples & Coed Retreats

We work with couples at our coed retreats and are happy to host you at one of these events. Coed retreats offer a beautiful mix of energy.

An all male program aimed at healing and strategies to improve self-leadership awareness.

The one day retreats are less of a time commitment and more affordable than the longer retreats. We utilize a couple different healing modalities, including psilocybin.

"You Are the Medicine" We know you do not need to put anything into your body to experience transformation. You can step into various healing modalities during this half day experience and leave feeling more connected to yourself and others.