Co-ed Retreats
Couples & Individuals

We Are All Connected


I am a Mom to five boys and one girl. I have many brothers as well. I have had three fathers in my life. Male energy is something I know well. There is a magic that happens when all genders can share space together in a way that is loving, open and safe.

When we can share healing modalities together, we grow and evolve. At the end of the day, we are all human. We all share feminine and masculine energy. We are all brothers and sisters in human consciousness. 

At the Coed Flow Life Retreat schedule can be found on this page. Each couple / person at the coed retreat will have their own room and all meals meet dietary needs. There are opportunities to work on self-discovery and self-reflection. You will have the chance to grow your comfort zone bubble with activities like a cold plunge, breathwork, a soundbath, psoas release, or restorative yoga. 

The retreats are facilitated by me, Eva Payne. In addition, I work closely with amazing men and women who bring a kind, open, and loving energy into the co-facilitating space.

If you are ready to connect with yourself and perhaps understand another gender on a deeper level, and are open to being in a house of kind male and female energy, this is the retreat for you. 

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