Men's Retreat


Meet Andrew...

This is a quick updated on how Andrew is doing three-weeks post the Flow Life Retreat. He attended to tap back into creativity and courage.

Rich Three Weeks Post Retreat

We have a group follow up call two to three weeks post retreat. Rich attended in April of 2023 while in the midst of a job change and a divorce. Here is a snippet of this follow up.

Meet Ramsey ...

Ramsey attended my first all men's retreat in Jan of 2023. He is certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. He found himself stuck in a ruminating pattern of sadness and victimhood after a challenging year with his personal relationships and loss. The retreat assisted him in rewriting the story he was telling himself about his past.

There is something special that shifts when self-reflection and connection is shared in a same gender environment. There is a time and space for fostering togetherness of a personal tribe and a time to learn and grow independent from our partner, family, or friends. A retreat provides an opportunity to explore the self without distraction.

Why a Men's Retreat?

When I began the Flow Life Retreat, I was focused on who I knew I could serve in a way most aligned with my abilities, interests, and strengths. Serving women is a path that flows for me. While I would be on discovery calls, women kept asking me, "Do you offer a men's retreat?" to which I would reply, "I do not, and I am not sure of anyone who really does." This question was coming up so much that when the opportunity to host a men's retreat presented itself, I knew the universe was setting this up all along.

With the assistance of a wonderful life and consciousness coach, Alex Salomone, I hosted the first coed Flow Life Retreat at the end of July 2022. As a mom to five boys/young men, I know the male energy well. The coed retreat taught me how to hold space for a different kind of energy. I saw where I need to adjust the programming to better fit their needs. 

What I also learned is that psilocybin does a few things for us all: (1) The mushroom takes us to a deeper level of love. That could be self love, a love for family or friends, a love for career or hobbies, a love for nature or humanity. Regardless of the love, it reveals love in a new expanded way. This ultimately allows for the energy in our mind, heart, and soul to move with more flow. (2) The mushroom opens up our ability to see. This might be seeing a new perspective, a new way of being or doing, a new way to see yourself or others, or a solution to a challenge or intention. When we are open to what is possible, we have the power and will to transform our lives, and the lives of those around us, for the better.

I am excited to have partnered with some amazing people in offering a men's retreat in 2023. If you are interested in learning more, sign up through the link below or book a discovery call with the link on the left!

"In early 2023 I found myself in a dark place. I had done everything I could to snap out of it… therapy, journaling, meditation, and prescription medication. Though all of it did help a little, I couldn't shake the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. I headed to the all-men's Flow Life retreat in January 2023 hoping for a miracle and that's exactly what I found. Between the kindness and compassion that Eva and Dream showed me, and the healing power of plant medicine, I found my joy and was able to reframe things in my mind in a completely different way! I truly felt like a new human being. I am beyond grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants a new perspective in a healthy, caring environment." - Ramsey B., AZ 

"I attended Eva’s Flow Life Retreat in August 2022. I was referred by my therapist who had seen a remarkable change in one of her other patients who also attended Eva’s retreat. My therapist witnessed a tremendous shift in this other patient’s ability to see and care for their trauma. Trusting her judgement and looking for new and different ways to approach managing my PTSD, I decided to attend the retreat, but not before researching psilocybin, its therapeutic benefits, and Eva’s approach to using them.


It is totally understandable for any person considering using a psychedelic for the first time to feel an uneasiness or scare about what may happen to them under the influence of the drug. For one with a history of trauma, it may feel even more unsafe or dangerous. While your “adult mind” may feel a confidence or felt-knowing of safety, curiosity, and desire to improve your situation, your more frightened parts may very understandably feel that the prospect of undergoing this journey is too risky, too much, or “just not worth it” – any justification to avoid the danger of the unknown or of feeling out of control.


Whatever benefits you may get out of using mushrooms, and of which there are many well researched reports to be found, I want to speak to how one may approach a journey such as this. In a place where there may already be some trepidation – using mind altering drugs! – the re-lived fears spoken by traumatized parts may make approaching using psychedelics, like psilocybin, a “bridge too far”. Having experienced this retreat for myself, I can tell you there are few people in this world as loving and caring in what they do. Eva and those she has gathered to work with her have the caring nature and experience necessary to provide a safe, loving environment for those looking to take this journey.


In one of the darkest moments of my own trip, I recall having this comforting thought: “I am in a safe place. Eva and her team have created a safe container here and I am safe.”


If you want to explore yourself and you are interested in how psilocybin may help, the Flow Life retreat is a fantastic way to do this. You will be guided and protected and come out the other side with an experience unlike any other. Going in and coming out, Eva and her team will support and assist, but ultimately it will be up to you to decide how you use this opportunity and the information you glean from your journey. I can attest that you will experience a loving, safe, and welcoming environment, from which you may then be able to learn and grow.

- Sean T, San Diego, CA