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Why I serve in this space...

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about why I do this important work. I know these modalities, stacked with mushrooms, can have a positive profound impact. I have assisted hundreds of people through this process. I can help you too. In fact, it would be my honor and privilege. 

Eva Payne,
Program Creator


My name is Eva Payne. I am the Program Creator of the Flow Life Retreat. I began these retreats in January of 2022 and in that year held 13 transformational experiences. By the end of 2023 we held 19 additional retreats. I have seen real positive shifts as participants come home to themselves. They were able to move their emotions, connect to themselves in a more wholehearted way, and open up to what is possible. The medicine works. I have seen it time and time again and when stacked with other healing modalities in a setting of unconditional love, healing and evolution are the outcomes.

I am first and foremost a Mother to six. I hold a Masters of Science in Leadership and Management and studied at the Salt City Psychedelic and Therapy Research Program. I have had the honor of serving as the Founder and Executive Director of Project Kindle, a nonprofit for youth impacted by HIV or AIDS since 1998. I have designed and implemented impactful large summer camps and small retreat programs for over 20 years. Creating lasting rituals that carry on for decades and live in the hearts of the participants is where my creativity flows. I stepped into Life Coaching in 2016 offering 1:1 and small group mentoring sessions aimed at assisting others to move through life transitions with love and grace. I became an author of, The Flow Life Funnel in December of 2020 and The Magic in Flow  in December of 2021. I also created a personal development and wonder podcast (SET 2 LOVE and Ideas to Human Better). Since starting Flow Life, I have discovered new passions in leading guided meditations and breathwork.

I believe we all have gifts to offer the world. The sooner we realize what they are and get to filling needs with our essence, the sooner we create better systems. My flow comes from working with nature and creativity to unlock your dreams and ability to live wholeheartedly. While researching my first book, I wanted to understand ways we could more easily move through trauma so that we can begin to live in flow with more ease. I came across research suggesting the profound positive impacts of psilocybin-assisted therapy and was captivated. Through a series of synchronicities, I have found myself here on this journey. I am combining cutting edge psychedelic and plant medicine research and therapeutic models, my knack for getting people back on track, and a passion for designing retreats which bring people together and transcend identity. The outcome is the Flow Life Retreat with our first full session held in Jan of 2022. Each participant experienced profound positive impacts. Seeing the results solidified my journey to keep going.  In 2022 I offered 13 retreats and today the retreats are hosted monthly. By the end of 2023, we hosted 32 retreats! We have evolved greatly over the last two years in this endeavor to bring the participants the safest, and most effective way to use this medicine.

Everyone's journey is unique and never what is expected, but always what is needed. I enjoy supporting and guiding individuals through new experiences which conjure up courage and self-leadership. It is normal to be nervous when we face something new. Support, set and setting are among the most important choices to creating a caring, inviting, warm, and attentive experience. Creating an organized and thoughtful program that offers opportunity for self-exploration and discovery is my intention. Learning to love the shadows can be a chaotic experience, however, from breakdowns new patterns, purpose, and vision can be unearthed.

I welcome you as you are right now, wherever you are, and whatever your life looks like. I would be honored to hold space for you as you dive deep into your own healing and personal insight. Your vulnerability is beautiful and courageous. Together, we will strategize how best to integrate your experiences so that you hold more clarity around your quest for flow. 



To set up a discovery call & be added to the interest list email, reach out: Instagram: @MsEvaPayne

I Believe You Can Flow

Creating a Life Lived in Flow with Eva Payne

Conversations with Conscious Creators

In today's episode Eva Payne who wears many hats is a self-leadership author, podcast host, nonprofit founder, mother of six and the creator of Flow Life Retreats that focuses on creating a life lived in flow.  Zack and Eva discuss what it means to create a life lived in flow, the power of psychedelics and how she became the leader she is today! If you're ready to harness your power to live a life in flow, this episode is for you!


Living a Life in Flow

In this episode, Eva dives into what it means to understand the question "Who are you? "while sharing her experience in creating retreats for children affected by HIV & AIDS. She encourages us to find our FLOW (Following Life’s Opportunities Wholeheartedly) in life and allow full surrender to all possibilities, big and small. She discusses what hinders us from the flow of life, including old programming, our traumas, and a lack of self-belief and self-awareness. She shares acronyms for fear, love, self, and more to help you remember your divine truth. She talks about how our intentions towards life shape us, knowing that we get to "choose in" to the great experiences offered to us as humans. When we do "choose in," the universe conspires for us. She unleashes her deep understanding of the power of plant medicine, how it helps us remove layers of blockages, and what psilocybin mushrooms are here to teach us. Lastly, she discusses the power of surrendering to your purpose with the knowledge that you are ALREADY DOING IT. All you need to ask yourself is, "What’s the most loving next step?"

Find YOUR Flow 

Psychedelics can unlock your ability to flow with your own essence, your own intuition, your own knowingness for your life. Sometimes we need a little road map to guide us as the door to what is possible begins to open.

I can see the blindspots in peoples lives and bring them to awareness. I can easily see the gifts in others and find great joy in connecting the dots someone might not be able to connect on their own. My philosophies around human potential and my ability to coach to it can be summed up in the preface of my first book, "The Flow Life Funnel" and can be watched here. The paperback or audible versions of the book can be ordered on Amazon

My second book, The Magic in Flow centers more on "the being" part of life. I spent so much time doing, and was defined by my doing that I didn't know how to just be. This book is the journey of discovering what it means for me to be with flow in life, regardless of what identities or beliefs are currently held.